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Birthday Cake

Book your Party 

Book your party online. Click the button below.

It's quick and easy! A $50 deposit is required to reserve your party. This will go towards the price of the party package, and you will owe $50 less after deposit is made.

All Access 90 Minutes Party = $169.99
  • 12 20 oz. drinks with unlimited refills
  • 2 XL 16" Pizzas
  • Your choice of 2 timed activities (Laser Tag, Trampolines* or combination of both), or choose to Free-Play for the entire 90 minutes!**
All Access 2 Hours Party= $219.99
  • 12 20 oz. drinks with unlimited refills
  • 2 XL 16" Pizzas
  • Your choice of 3 timed activities (Laser Tag, Trampolines* or combination of both), or choose to Free-Play for the entire 2 hours!**

For Parties wanting to play Laser Tag and/or Trampolines: The Playground, Human Foosball Court, and the Interactive Floor is included in both party packages and are accessible at any time during your party.

After all the timed Activities have been played, your party will continue to have access to ALL our attractions, until the end of your scheduled party time.

Details about your Party

Each Party Package is designed for up to 12 Guests. This includes the birthday child. For Parties greater than 12, there is an additional fee if your extra guest will be participating in the activities.

For the 90 minutes Party, there is a $10/Guest charge for the activities of the party and the drinks.

For the 2  Hour Party, there is a charge of $15/Guest. This will cover all the activities of the party and the drinks.

If your guests want to be present for the party, but not participate in activities, there is no charge. Please limit the number of guests at your party to 20. This includes those playing and those not playing.

If you plan on having over 20 Guests, there is a $50 upcharge to expand into a larger party room, as long as that room is available. This upcharge is added on top of your regular party price.

The fun of decorating the room and bringing a cake is up to you.

NO OTHER OUTSIDE FOOD is permitted. Cakes and dessert-type items may be brought in with party package purchase only. 

There will be other people playing with your party in the Laser Tag Arena and the Indoor Playgrounds*

* Jumpers must be AT LEAST 45" to enter trampolines for their safety. If under 45", they are welcome to jump, but an adult must accompany the child on the trampolines. Limit to 12 jumpers at one time in the Trampolines area. All safety rules must be observed. If the Trampoline Marshall needs to correct any Jumper more than once, they will be asked to leave the trampoline area, and no refunds will be given. We want everyone to have fun and be injury-free.

Please note that we do not allow flips on the trampolines.

*Waivers and jump socks are required to jump on the Trampolines.

*Jump socks are available at $2/pair and are not included in the Party Package Prices. Jump socks from other Trampoline parks are permissible.

You can now book online, on Facebook, via Google, or by phone. If by phone, please leave a voicemail when we are not open.

Prices are subject to tax.

Party Information

**During the entire time of your party, your guests will have access to ALL activities we have available, until the time your party ends. If guests choose the 2 or 3 activities, and all of those timed activities have been played, and your party has not ended, guests can still play ANYWHERE--including an extra round of laser tag or trampolines--until the end of the party.

Please note that "Free-Play" does not mean that non-paying guests are to play in our attractions for free. This just means that your (paid) guests are Free to Play anywhere they want, for the duration of your party.


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