Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located in Leadington, MO. We are at the intersection of US Hwy 67 & US Hwy 32. We are in the same shopping plaza as Big Lot's . Our address: 102 St. Francois Plaza, Leadington, MO 63601 Phone # 573-327-8546


What are your hours?

Hours for The Entertainment Center: We are on a Fall/Winter Schedule. Friday: 5 pm - 8 pm Saturday: 11 am - 8pm Sunday: Noon - 6pm Walk-Ins are welcome! No Reservations needed!


What are your prices?

LASER TAG PRICES $5.99/Person for one game of Laser Tag. $10.98/Person for two games of Laser Tag. (Better Deal)! If you want to play more than 2 Games, we recommend getting the "One Hour All Access" where you can play as many Laser Tag Games within the hour, along with other activities. TRAMPOLINE & INDOOR PLAYGROUND 1 Hour Playground Only--$6.99 1 Hour Jump and Playground--$10.99 Jump socks are required for the Trampolines and are $2 each. Bring socks back for your next visit. You can use them again, as long as there's no holes and the socks are clean. You may also bring in socks from other Trampoline Parks. Waivers are required for the Trampolines and The Big Jump. Adult required to accompany child on Trampolines if the child is less than 45" ALL ACCESS 1 Hour All Access (Play Laser Tag, Big Jump, Trampolines, Human Foosball and Play in Playground)--$12.99 2 Hours All Access (Play Laser Tag, Big Jump, Trampolines, Human Foosball and Play in the Playground)--$17.99 All Jumpers are required to wear Jump socks @ $2. You can bring them back for next time as long as they are clean and there are no holes. Waivers are required to participate in Trampolines.

Coming in to Play

How do I come in to play? Do I need to make a reservation?

No reservations are needed. Come on in anytime during our regular business hours. If you have a large group of 8 or more, we recommend you calling us first to let us know when to expect your group. This will ensure we will count your group in during our busy times, and will let us know when to stop selling tickets should we get to maximum capacity. We will hold your spot for 15 minutes of the time you tell us you plan on coming in. After that, if we don't hear from you, we will release that spot and it will be a first come, first served basis if your group gets here.

Booking a Party

How do I book a Party?

You can now book your party online or through our facebook page. A $50 deposit is required to complete your booking. If you would rather someone help you book, simply give us a call, and we can gather all the information and book for you. We are here Fridays through Sundays, so feel free to stop by if you'd rather book in person.

Party FAQ

How early can I come in to decorate?

You can come in as early as 15 minutes to decorate. If you need more time, simply give us a call and let us know.

What types of food can I bring in?

Once you book your party, the only outside food you may bring in is a Cake and Dessert type foods. If you'd like to store your goods in our refrigerator or freezer, the item must be a store bought and unopened container.

My child has a food allergy, may I bring in specialty food?

You may bring in food only for the person with the food allergy. Please let us know in the comments section when you book your party.

Do I need to bring in plates, cups, etc?

We provide plates for the pizzas and cups for the sodas, which is part of the birthday package. Most parents prefer to bring in theme-based plates, based on how they decorated the party room, for the cakes. Occasionally, parents would also like to bring in matching cups, and we can use these cups to fill up the sodas that comes with the birthday package.

Can I order more pizzas?

Absolutely! We can make 4 pizzas at one time in our Brick Oven. If you need more than 4, we will have to stagger some of the cook time.

I paid the $50 deposit. When do I pay the remaining balance?

You can pay the remaining balance when you arrive on the day of the party.

Will there be other people playing with my Party?

Yes, there will be other people (walk-ins) playing with your Party in the Laser Tag arena and the Playground. If you have at least 11 people in your party jumping on the Trampolines, we will reserve a time for your guests to jump without any other walk-in groups. If you have less than 11 Jumpers, there may be other walk-ins jumping with your party.

What do my Guests need to know?

Please ask your Guests to wear tennis shoes if they want to play laser tag. We have 3 ramps going to the second level and we want everyone to have fun and not get injured. Trampoline socks and waivers are required for jumping on the Trampolines. It is recommended that parents sign the waivers for the child before the party to save time and stress on the Party Parent (You). Please ask your guests to be punctual, as we will start the first timed activity at exactly 15 minutes after your party start time. (That is, if you chose to do some timed activities).


Do I have to tip the Party Host?

Our Party Hosts are in High School and this is their first-ever job! While tips are not required, it is a good teaching moment for our young employees to be rewarded in tips if they did an excellent job keeping your party on track, scheduling your timed activities, answering any questions you may have and coordinating with the Manager, the Kitchen, and the Marshalls. Tips are always appreciated, but not required.